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Debut Album


Wanja Rosenthal

Adrian Gallet

Daniel Oetz Salcines

Mathieu Clement


tenor saxophone



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LÜFPYRÜN album cover

"Das Spiel Wanja Rosenthals besticht über das gesamte Album [LÜFPYRÜN] hinweg durch weiche, weite Gitarrenintros, eine Fülle an situativ gekonnt und adäquat eingesetzten Klangfarben, präzisen und stimmigen Wechseln aus Singlenote-Lines und Akkord(-Brechungen) sowie seine facettenreiche Dynamik und eine immer auch dem Bandsound dienlichen Spielweise – gleichermaßen in seinen Soli sowie beim Comping."

– mica austria, Jan 2024


– Jazzthing, Feb 2024

"Wanja Rosenthal zeigt, dass er ein Gitarrist von außergewöhnlicher Technik ist und trotz seines jungen Alters mit großer Klasse und Reife spielt. Die unprätentiöse Ehrlichkeit, die jeder Ton ausstrahlt, gewinnt sofort Vertrauen und Sympathie."

– jazz-fun, Feb 2024

"Mit viel Feuer und Swing schießt die Musik des jungen Wiener Gitarristen auf seinem Studiodebut [...] heraus. Rosenthal ist sowohl im Comping als auch beim Solieren virtuos und weiß auch, akkordisch zu improvisieren, wie wenige andere seiner Generation."

– Concerto, Apr 2024

About the album

Recorded at Loft, Cologne, the debut album’s musical focus is in the zeitgeist of Modern Creative Jazz. LÜFPYRÜN is a musical journey to Wanja Rosenthal’s impressions from different stages of his life. The album title, for instance, is originated in a fictive word creation from his childhood. Ranging from the movement of squirrels to the inflation of pesto in the supermarket, the compositions are inspired by various moments and stories.

The pieces are based on eager musical perspectives, connecting with the traditional approaches of jazz. A lot of them are influenced by a variety of genres. Where impressionistic chords meet subtle hints of Cuban rhythms, Rosenthal’s broad musical imaginations merge in a modern image of sound. In addition, his creative approach of handling the ratio between improvisational sections and composed parts leads to a diverse musical experience throughout the album.

Since 2021, he has played together with the three Cologne-based musicians Adrian Gallet, Daniel Oetz Salcines, Mathieu Clement. After a long creative process in working with Wanja’s compositions, they worked out a distinctive band sound of their own. Here, where the guitar constantly moves between the role of a piano and a horn instrument, the combination takes advantage of its own possibilities and limitations.

On the one hand, the band energy thrives with high character on compositions of spirited melodies and fast tempo. In contrast, they also show mindful interplay on atmospheric pieces, where every sound occurs in the right place at the right time. 

With LÜFPYRÜN, Wanja Rosenthal and his band establish a timely modern jazz album of its own, full of musical thirst for action and new swing.

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Monitor Motion Magic




No Trespassing




Autumn Augarten




Pesto Blues


Adrians Jam



All compositions by Wanja Rosenthal, except Adrians Jam composed by Daniel Oetz Salcines.

Recorded at Loft Cologne on February 8 & 9, 2023.
Mixed and Mastered by Stefan Deistler.

Album design by Christina Schmolmüller.

Distributed by UNIT Records.


Wanja Rosenthal wants to thank everyone supporting him during the album process:

Special thanks to Adrian, Daniel and Mathieu for their wonderful band spirit and constant creative energy. I had such a great time recording my compositions with you being amazing musicians and real good friends. It has been an amazing journey with you around the whole album development.

Special thanks to my university teachers Wolfgang Pointner and Arnoldo Moreno for all the musical knowledge and for supporting me in my artistic career development  throughout the years. Without you I would not stand where I am now, and it has been an incredible time learning from you.

Special thanks to Chrissi, Simon, Clara, Luise, Theo, Jakob and Simon for helping me creating the graphics & video material and being wonderful friends.

Album production supported by

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