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Upcoming Concerts

04/06/2024   Pehar/Rosenthal, Zwe, Vienna, AT

12/06/2024   STEVE EB 5, Loop, Vienna, AT

14/06/2024   Simon Kirchner, Zwe, Vienna, AT

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Past Concerts 

30/05/2024   Sebastian Baumgartner Trio, Café Museum, Passau, DE

26/05/2024   Wanja Rosenthal Quartet, Neimenster, Luxemburg, LUX

23/05/2024   Wanja Rosenthal Quartet, Jazzkeller, Krefeld, DE

23/03/2024   Wanja Rosenthal Quartet, Loft, Cologne, DE

21/03/2024   Wanja Rosenthal Quartet, B-Flat, Berlin, DE

16/03/2024   Wanja Rosenthal Quartet, Kazzwoo, Mannheim, DE

13/03/2024   Duo with Sebastian Weiss, Galerie am Park, Vienna, AT

08/03/2024   Wanja Rosenthal Quartet, Reigen, Vienna, AT

07/03/2024   Wanja Rosenthal Quartet, Röda, Steyr, AT

05/03/2024   Wanja Rosenthal Quartet, Schlachthof, Wels, AT

22/01/2024   Simon Kirchner Quartet, Zwe, Vienna, AT

19/01/2024   Vienna Composers Big Band, Landestheater, Linz, AT

18/01/2024   Vienna Composers Big Band, Jazzit, Salzburg, AT

13/01/2024   Vienna Composers Big Band, Stockwerk, Graz, AT

12/01/2024   Vienna Composers Big Band, Porgy & Bess, Vienna, AT

07/12/2023   Vienna Composers Big Band, Sargfabrik, Vienna, AT

22/11/2023   Vienna Composers Big Band, Jazzland, Vienna, AT

21/12/2023   Duit/Colovic/Rosenthal, Zwe, Vienna, AT

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